Freitag, 5. Mai 2017

Red Hot Pods

Beginn: 21:00

Traditional Jazz

Die Jazzland Gründungsband im März 1972 n.Chr.

1010 Wien, Franz Josefskai 29
Tel: 533 25 75


Sean Noonan “Memorable Sticks"

Beginn: 20:30
Eintritt: 25  
onstantly composing behind the drum kit, the modern sonic griot Sean Noonan wanders the globe fusing stories within harmolodic jazz-rock and avant-garde chamber music. “Memorable Sticks", is currently performing diverse repertoire from his current songbook including selections from album “Memorable Sticks" plus some all new compositions.
On the 2016 album release "Memorable Sticks”, Noonan adopts a magical scepter to dig the depths of the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland revealing "Hidden Treasures", as if Henry Cowell, Cecil Taylor, Frank Zappa and Samuel Beckett were out on a night of romance in quest of a good street fight. The treasures that he finds along the way are filtered through his distinctive vision to become the unpredictable and far-ranging sounds of Noonan’s wide-spectrum music.

1140 Wien, Hadikgasse 62
Tel.: +43 (0)1 89 40 094

Sprich WORT! Slam Texte für die Toilette feat ELTO

Beginn: 20:00
Eintritt: €5  

Poetry Slam

Der letzte sprich WORT! Poetry Slam vor der Sommerpause

1080 Wien
Florianigasse 39
Tel: 01/971 34 48

Rens Newland's RENEW 5

Beginn: 20:00
Eintritt: Musik € 10,--/13,--  

Groovy Jazz, Bebopp

RENEW 5 ist ein neues Projekt:
Rens Newland - guitar, compostition
Bernhard Wiesinger - sax
Martin Wöss - piano
Andy Mayerl - upright bass
Wolfi Rainer - drums

1020 Wien, Floßgasse 4
Tel: 0676 5474764


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