Mittwoch, 29. November 2017


Beginn: 20:00

Classic Jazz

Jeden ersten Mittwoch im Monat(Feb-Juni & Sept-Nov) begeistert unsere "Hausband" ihr Publikum im "Schlössl" mit traditionellem Jazz und Swing vom Feinsten.
Musikalisches Motto:

Einlass: 18:30 Uhr

1180 Wien, Martinstraße 18
Tel.: 0699 1541 09 41

Poetry meets Jazz V

Beginn: 20:30
Eintritt: € 15,--  
Anne Bennent, Stimme
Otto Lechner, Akkordeon

Miles Smiles
1080 Wien, Langegasse 51
Tel. 405 95 17


Ashton Lane (Trio) from Glasgow Scotland

Beginn: 20:30
Eintritt: 20  
Fresh, self-assured and original - Ashton's music just makes you happy to be alive. What a great new talent.
There is an unmistakable modern twist to her music, and she singseffortlessly between, husky poppiness to soulful stripped down
and spine tingling.
2017 sees Ashton Lane gearing up towards the release of 3 new singles and an album to follow. They are currently previewing some of their brand new songs via their highly popular “Kitchen Sessions” (over 1.6 million views and counting).Their most recent album Nashville Heart also received five star reviews and radio support around the UK and Europe.

1140 Wien, Hadikgasse 62
Tel.: +43 (0)1 89 40 094